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The tax collector has information available from the property tax system, delinquent tax system, and business tax receipt (BTR) system. Information can be provided via download, email, compact disk or printed copy. To ensure accuracy, a written request is encouraged, but it is not required. Written requests can be directed to:

Email: ectc@escambiataxcollector.com


Escambia County Tax Collector
Attention: Public Records Request
P.O. Box 1312
Pensacola, FL 32591-1312

There is a nominal cost for information that covers expenses for operator time and media.

Occasionally the data files are compressed/zipped. Many software packages that can import these files are available. We do not offer any technical support on the applications used with our data files. A working knowledge of these software packages is needed to manipulate the data.

Tax Collector Budget
As approved by the Florida Department of Revenue

Weekly New Business Reports
Provides a listing in two different formats of new business added each week.

Search Tax Rolls
Provides a search engine for tax infomation.

Tax Certificate Sale
Includes tax certificate information as well as download files, such as county-held certificates, the tax certificate sale advertising list, and the sales results data file.

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